Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″

Are you seeking a work boot with high durability, safety, and comfort? The Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot is engineered to meet these needs. With its 100% leather construction, ASTM safety compliance, and a sole designed for excellent traction,

This boot is ideal for those in demanding work conditions. From its minimal maintenance requirements to its comfort-focused features, discover why the Ashby 6″ is not just a boot but a long-term investment in quality and performance.

Regarding rugged, reliable work boots, Irish Setter is a name that commands respect. Known for blending craftsmanship with innovation, the brand has earned its reputation as a go-to for professionals in demanding fields. Today, we focus on one of Irish Setter’s standout offerings—the Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot. With its 100% leather construction and heat-resistant outsole, this boot is more than just a footwear choice; it’s an investment in safety and durability. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions while offering supreme comfort, the Ashby 6″ is engineered for those who refuse to compromise on quality. Whether navigating a high-heat environment or needing reliable protection against electrical hazards, this boot has got you covered. Read on as we unpack the many features and benefits that make the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ a top contender in the work boot category.

Materials and Durability

When the stakes are high and reliability is non-negotiable, the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot delivers in spades. At the core of its robust construction is 100% premium leather. Known for its durability and ability to withstand the test of time, leather is an excellent material choice for work boots, and this one is no exception.

  1. 100% Leather Construction: The Ashby 6″ features a full-grain leather build, providing the boot with unmatched resilience and a naturally rugged appearance. This isn’t just aesthetic flair; it’s about creating a boot that can endure the daily rigors of demanding jobs.
  2. Imported Quality: Despite being imported, the quality of the leather remains uncompromised, adhering to Irish Setter’s stringent standards. This means you’re getting a product that ranks high in toughness and longevity.
  3. Built to Last: Leather is known for its aesthetic appeal and resistance to wear and tear. When we talk about a 100% leather build, we’re talking about a work boot prepared to face the toughest environments, year in and year out.

In the world of work boots, materials aren’t just a feature; they’re the backbone of the boot’s performance and lifespan. With the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″, durability is a given, making it an ideal pick for those who need their boots to last as long as they do.

Sole and Traction

In a work environment where stability and grip are paramount, the sole of your boot plays an instrumental role. The Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot shines in this department with its thoughtfully designed sole features.

  1. Rubber-EVA Traction Tred Outsole: The boot boasts a unique Rubber-EVA Traction Tred outsole with excellent grip and stability. This compound ensures that you remain sure-footed navigating slippery surfaces or rocky terrains.
  2. Heat-Resistant Properties: Not just any sole will do when you’re working in high-heat areas. The Ashby’s outsole is heat-resistant and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 475 Fahrenheit without melting or compromising integrity.
  3. High-Quality Rubber Sole: The rubber sole of the boot provides not only grip but also adds to its durability. Rubber is known for its long-lasting nature and resilience against wear and tear, making it ideal for challenging work conditions.
  4. Platform for Added Support: A key feature of this boot is its platform design, which ensures that your feet are adequately supported and comfortable even during long work hours.

In a boot designed for the workforce, the sole is more than just the bottom part of the shoe—it’s the foundation on which you stand. The Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ offers a well-equipped sole to handle various challenges, proving its mettle a solid choice for those requiring top-notch traction and durability.

Safety Measures and Certifications

In a work boot, safety isn’t an optional feature; it’s a requirement. The Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot goes beyond the basics to offer comprehensive safety features that meet or exceed industry standards.

  1. Electrical Hazard Protection: The boot meets ASTM F2413-11 Safety Standards for Electrical Hazards, providing a safeguard against electrical risks. This makes it a suitable choice for electricians or those who work in environments where the danger of electrical shock is prevalent.
  2. Heat-Resistant Outsole: One of the standout safety features of this boot is its heat-resistant outsole. Resistant to melting at a minimum of 475 Fahrenheit, this boot is designed for those in high-heat environments, such as welders or factory workers.
  3. Sturdy Rubber-EVA Traction Tred: The Rubber-EVA outsole offers excellent traction and extra protection against slips and falls. This is crucial in workplaces where slippery surfaces can turn into safety hazards.
  4. Gusseted Tongue for Debris Protection: Though not a ‘certified’ safety feature, the gusseted tongue design prevents debris and small particles from entering the boot, adding another layer of protection for the wearer.
  5. Boot Opening and Fit: With a boot opening measuring approximately 13.5″, the Ashby 6″ ensures that your foot is securely enveloped, minimizing the risk of ankle rolls and sprains.

Regarding workplace safety, the Ashby 6″ boot from Irish Setter checks all the right boxes. It adheres to certified safety standards and goes the extra mile with its heat-resistant and traction-focused features. It’s not just a work boot; it’s a safety asset.

Comfort and Fit

Long hours on your feet demand a safe, durable, and exceptionally comfortable boot. In the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot, comfort isn’t compromised for other features. Instead, it’s an integral part of the boot’s design.

  1. Heel Design for Optimal Comfort: With a heel that measures approximately 1.5 inches, this boot offers just the right elevation to distribute weight evenly and minimize foot fatigue.
  2. Strategic Boot Opening: The boot opening, measuring around 13.5″, provides enough room for easy on-off while ensuring the boot fits securely to minimize the risk of injuries or discomfort.
  3. Non-Woven Nylon Lining: The boot’s lining is made from Non-Woven Nylon, a breathable and comfortable material. This ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable, even when sweating it out on the job.
  4. 6″ Lace-Up Design: The 6-inch lace-up design adds to the boot’s aesthetic appeal and adds ankle support. The lacing system ensures a snug fit, making sure the boot moves in tandem with your foot.
  5. Generous Boot Opening: With an opening that measures 13.5″ around, this boot provides ample room for various foot shapes while ensuring a snug, comfortable fit that locks your foot in securely.

Whether a short task or an all-day job, the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot is engineered for maximum comfort. From its heel design to its generous boot opening, every aspect is tailored to ensure that the end of your workday feels just as comfortable as the start. It’s a boot that fits so well you might forget you’re wearing it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Work boots are bound to get dirty and face rough conditions, making their upkeep essential. However, with the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot, maintenance is less of a chore and more of a straightforward process. Here’s how to keep this boot looking and performing like new.

  1. Simple Cleaning Regimen: Irish Setter makes boot care easy. After use, a simple wipe or spray with lukewarm water will suffice for general cleaning. Allowing the boot to dry naturally will prolong its lifespan.
  2. Soap When Necessary: In cases where a deep clean is needed, soap won’t harm the boot. Just ensure you rinse off all soap residues and let the boot dry naturally.
  3. Protecting the Leather: While the 100% leather construction is robust, occasional leather conditioners or creams can be used to maintain its sheen and flexibility.
  4. Outsole Care: The Rubber-EVA outsole is pretty low maintenance. A quick wash with water should easily remove mud or any other debris.
  5. Mind the Lining: A damp cloth can clean The non-woven nylon lining. Please ensure the boot’s interior is dry before wearing it again to ensure lasting comfort.
  6. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: For detailed cleaning and maintenance, Irish Setter provides guidelines. Adhering to these will ensure you get the most out of your work boots in terms of longevity and performance.

Proper maintenance keeps the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot in optimal condition and extends its usable life. Fortunately, this boot is designed to be as low-maintenance as it is durable, making it a practical choice for those with enough on their plate without worrying about complicated boot care routines.

In every product, some strong points and areas could use some improvement. In this section, we’ll give you an unbiased look at both to help you make an informed decision about the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot.


  1. Durable Construction: With 100% leather uppers, this boot is designed to last, making it an excellent long-term investment for your feet.
  2. Certified Safety Measures: Meeting ASTM standards for Electrical Hazards and featuring a heat-resistant outsole, safety is a primary concern addressed by this boot.
  3. Comfort-centric Design: From the non-woven nylon lining to the ergonomic heel and boot opening dimensions, comfort is not an afterthought.
  4. High Traction Sole: The Rubber-EVA Traction Tred outsole offers excellent grip and stability on various surfaces, making it versatile for different work conditions.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The boot requires minimal upkeep and can be cleaned easily with water and mild soap.


  1. Weight: Some users may find the boot slightly heavy, especially for long periods of wear.
  2. Break-In Period: Like many leather boots, there might be a brief break-in period before they feel comfortable.
  3. Cost: High-quality materials and construction come at a price. The boot may be on the expensive side for some budget-conscious consumers.

While the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot shines in many areas, it’s not without its shortcomings. However, its durability, safety, and comfort strengths make it an outstanding choice for those looking for a work boot that can handle tough conditions while providing all-day comfort.

Who Should Consider This Boot?

  1. Safety-Conscious Workers: Given its compliance with ASTM safety standards and heat-resistant outsole, this boot is ideal for individuals who work in hazardous or high-heat environments.
  2. Long-Hour Laborers: If your job demands long periods of standing or walking, the comfort-centric design of this boot, from its heel to its lining, makes it a solid choice.
  3. Outdoor Enthusiasts: The high-traction sole and sturdy leather construction suit people who require a durable yet comfortable boot for outdoor activities.
  4. Those Who Value Longevity: With its top-quality materials and straightforward maintenance, this boot is built to last, offering excellent value for your investment.

Final Thoughts

The Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ Work Boot provides a compelling blend of durability, safety, and comfort. Though it might require a break-in period and maybe a bit heavy for some, its pros outweigh its cons. If you’re looking for a boot that won’t let you down when the going gets tough, this could be your ideal fit.

In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a high-performing work boot that delivers on multiple fronts, adding the Irish Setter Men’s Ashby 6″ to your shortlist would be wise. It’s more than just footwear; it’s a reliable companion for the rigors of demanding work conditions.

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